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Mobion Group offers growth capital. We create partnerships with companies that have a clear focus and vision to achieve exponential growth. Start-ups with experienced management and broad industry experience or established companies of a certain size are welcome to pitch their plans.

The goal of our investments is an eventual IPO or (partial) exit. We have all the necessary knowledge and experience to guide you. In addition to entrepreneurship, also in the financial, tax, strategic and legal fields.


We invest in a way that each company can drive autonomously and make decisions based on a clearly defined and approved strategy. We actively participate in the process and invest in people.

Jan van Rijt

CEO Mobion Group



TMC Group

For more than 20 years Mobion Capital has been a knowledgeable, committed and extremely reliable partner and co-investor in several successful companies. Without their unconditional and personal support the dream journey that for example TMC Group has gone through would not have been possible. As an entrepreneur I cannot imagine a better business partner.

Thijs Manders

Founder & President

TMC Group

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