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Leasing transactions in shopping center De Parade in Bergen op Zoom

Since acquiring 29 stores in De Parade in 2022, situated in the historic center of Bergen op Zoom, Mobion Group has been actively involved in shaping the future of the area. Collaborating with the municipality of Bergen op Zoom, tenants, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs' association Sterck, and multiple property owners, our aim is to enhance the entire city center.

The foundation for future improvements is built upon the new municipal policy for the city center, which was adopted in February. This policy supports opportunities for enhancing the residential aspect above stores (mixed-use assets), improving routes and parking, and enhancing the green spaces in public areas.

Within our own scope, Mobion is diligently working with both existing and new tenants to ensure the continuity of commercial functions and improve the prerequisites in De Parade. This effort has resulted in several appealing lease transactions.

On June 28, 2023, a new branch of the clothing brand Cotton Club will open its doors in the former post office located at Zuivelstraat 22. This highly anticipated addition to Bergen op Zoom's center serves as a significant attraction and valuable asset. Notably, this store will be their 37th location.

Both the tenant and landlord are investing in renovating and furnishing the distinguished storefront to create an exquisitely designed store that will be ready for operation on June 28, 2023. A long-term lease agreement has been signed between the parties.

TUI, the travel agency, has extended its long-term lease at Voetboog 3 to provide travel and vacation advice for every traveler and budget in Bergen op Zoom. TUI currently operates a total of 135 travel agencies throughout the Netherlands.

Norah, situated at Zuivelstraat 57 in De Parade, has renewed its lease agreement with Mobion. This decision ensures the retention of one of Norah's nearly 100 women's fashion stores in the Netherlands, specifically within the downtown area.

Additionally, De Makers van Bergen op Zoom have made arrangements to continue serving existing and new customers from their location at Lombardenstraat 5 in the city center.

Mobion is delighted with the extended collaborations and proudly welcomes Cotton Club to the De Parade shopping center. By partnering with renowned retailers such as Jamin, Jumbo, Hema, La Place, H&M, Douglas, and Brownies & Downies, we are collectively contributing to the future-proofing of Bergen op Zoom's beautiful city center.


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