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Pop-up City Park at Burgemeester Loeffplein Opens

On Friday, July 14th, a Pop-up City Park was launched at the Burgemeester Loeffplein in 's-Hertogenbosch. The park's inauguration was conducted by aldermen Ralph Geers and Mike van der Geld. Den Bosch Partners, representing the collaborating entities, is the initiator and executor of this project. The park will be operational for a duration of three months, from mid-July to early October. Its purpose is to serve as an intervention to draw attention to the need for greening and enhancement of the livability within the city center.

In recent years, there has been considerable emphasis on greening urban areas that have become predominantly paved. This greening initiative is a significant response to the challenge posed by increasing urban heat stress. Furthermore, greening contributes to improved biodiversity and enhances the overall attractiveness of the living environment.

Mark de Greeff, Director of Den Bosch Partners, states: "All stakeholders within the city center of Den Bosch concur that the core shopping area could benefit from a greener outlook. While discussions on how to achieve this can extend indefinitely, temporary experiments provide a tangible demonstration of the potential."

The park's design originates from Studio 1:1 based in Rotterdam, renowned for their expertise in green "interventions". They have previously successfully developed a temporary city park in Rotterdam. Studio 1:1 has also been active in Den Bosch for several years, collaborating with residents on projects such as the rooftop garden at Pettelaarseweg for BrabantWonen.

Den Bosch Partners actively encourages residents and visitors to actively utilize the park. Everyone is welcome to lay out their towels and enjoy the space. Additionally, an interactive 'line' has been established within the park featuring small play equipment and benches, making the park appealing for children's activities.

The nearby Mariapaviljoen will handle the park's catering. Discussions are underway with the local cultural sector regarding temporary programming. Several activities have already been confirmed, and the program can be viewed at

De Greeff emphasizes: "We aim to evoke the Summer vibe of Den Bosch. The temporary nature of the park has sparked numerous inquiries. Enthusiasm is abundant, but the fact that the park will eventually be dismantled is a disappointment. We consider this a great compliment. The park has already triggered the initiation of other green projects, such as greening the rear facades of Hotel Central and C&A. This is evidence that the intervention is already yielding results."

The project has been made possible through close collaboration with partners across the broader city center: BIZ Brede Binnenstad 's-Hertogenbosch, Centrum 's-Hertogenbosch Entrepreneur Fund Foundation, and the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch.


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