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Redevelopment from hospitality to residential use

Following an extensive renovation, Mobion Group has delivered an independent upper-level apartment. The floor had been in use for many years as an event center for parties and gatherings associated with Café Vollop.

After discontinuing the hospitality business, Mobion, in collaboration with the municipality of Boxtel, architect Jan de Wit, contractor ToBuild, and property management company Grasgroep Vastgoedzorg, focused on creating a fully functional and high-quality apartment with its own parking facility.

The upper-level apartment features two bedrooms, a luxurious bathroom, and an open kitchen and living room. Special attention has been given to preserving the authentic elements of the roof structure. Following the completion of construction, the apartment was immediately rented out to tenants working in the Den Bosch region.

We wish the new residents a pleasant living experience!

The versatile commercial space on the ground floor is currently available for rent through Klaassen Makelaardij. More information can be found here.


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