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Study on Redevelopment of Stadhuisplein subarea in Veghel

Veghel, The Netherlands - The Municipality of Meierijstad, in collaboration with Mobion Group and Certo Capital, is initiating a comprehensive feasibility study to explore the redevelopment potential of Stadhuisplein 2, 4, and 6 in Veghel. The primary focus of this study is the replacement of the existing Albert Heijn supermarket, police station, and fire station with new constructions. The joint exploration has been formalized through the signing of a letter of intent between both parties. Stam + De Koning Bouw will work alongside Mobion & Certo as the development partner.

Vision for the Center

Initially, the municipality and the real estate developer evaluated the possibility of relocating Albert Heijn to Meijerijplein, aligning with the objectives of the Vision Restructuring Veghel center, which aims to establish a prominent attraction at Meijerijplein. However, the study concluded that this option is not feasible. Consequently, the municipality and the developer have decided to pursue the renovation of Albert Heijn at its current location while concurrently considering the fire station and police station.

Feasibility Study

The municipality and Mobion & Certo have agreed to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study. The initial phase involves developing a supported Urban Master Plan for the area, encompassing not only the immediate location but also its wider impact on the center, including access and parking. Moreover, this area serves as the gateway to Veghel's main shopping district. Jan van Burgsteden, Alderman for Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating, "We are joining forces, ensuring a well-balanced blend of social interest, market expertise, and innovation. I anticipate a dynamic process leading to a successful outcome."

Freek Smolders, Director of Certo Capital, also expressed enthusiasm for the new collaborative approach, saying, "The redevelopment area presents an excellent opportunity to revitalize the residential zone on an urban scale and construct mixed-use buildings. Our vision is to create an attractive entrance to the center, incorporating residential, commercial, and recreational spaces in a lush green environment, ultimately enhancing the appeal of Veghel center."


The first step in the Urban Master Plan is the selection of an urban designer. The assigned designer will facilitate a participation process, engaging local residents and stakeholders to gather their interests, preferences, and ideas. This valuable input will contribute to the development of various urban design options, which will subsequently be refined through consultations with the community and stakeholders. The participation process is scheduled to commence in the third quarter of this year, with the final Master Plan expected to be completed by the end of 2024.


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