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Cotton Club has officially opened new location in Bergen op Zoom

After an extensive renovation, Cotton Club has officially opened its new location at Zuivelstraat 22 in Bergen op Zoom, to the delight of the general public. It is a valuable addition to the Parade shopping area and the city center of Bergen op Zoom.

The historically significant former post office building has undergone a thorough renovation in collaboration between the tenant and the landlord, both working diligently to create a fresh and sustainable store that meets future needs. Special attention has been given to the sustainability of the necessary installations.

Mobion, operating on its own track, is actively involved in ensuring the continuity of commercial activities and improving the prerequisites in the Parade by engaging with existing and new tenants. Mobion would like to express its gratitude to Cotton Club for placing their trust in them and extend thanks to their partners:

  • The Cotton Club team, including Nathalie Broekmeulen-van Zeelt, Nona Lasatira, Walter van den Berg, Rutger Melse, and Frank Linssen.

  • MVGM, represented by Mark Scheffers and Wouter van Iersel.

  • The Municipality of Bergen op Zoom.

By working together, we will ensure the future sustainability of the beautiful city center of Bergen op Zoom.


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